5 Best WordPress Plugins For Your Website in 2018

Your website is the most important digital asset you own. Improve your website with the 5 best WordPress plugins currently available in 2018.

Your website is one of the most important digital real estate properties you own. Some of the advantages are low-cost advertising, increase visibility and availability to sell products. However, simply creating a website isn’t enough. There are plugins available for WordPress that improve and enhance your site. We’ve created a shortlist of the best WordPress plugins currently available.

1.    Yoast SEO

It’s known for being one of the best WordPress plugins available in terms of getting your website properly ranked and ready for SEO. We’ve all heard the saying that content is king. Having great content is good and all. However, having search engine optimized content is even better. It helps create organized content that improves site ranking. Yoast SEO is the best at what it does and that’s to optimize your site for search engines. This should be the first plugin you install upon a fresh WordPress installation.

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2.    W3 Total Cache

An important factor that affects ranking is site speed. Having a slow website may be preventing your site from ranking higher on search results. What W3 Total Cache does is that it helps reduce load time by serving compressed and cached files to website visitors. With the amount of images and media on a website, the quicker load times help keep the website optmized and running smoothly at all times of the day.

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3.    MonsterInsights

Google Ads, formerly known as Google Analytics, is a powerful tool that tracks and reports website traffic. MonsterInsights is a Google Analytics plugin that allows you to easily connect your website with google analytics. With fast access to this information, it’s easy to learn more about website visitors and what channels are producing the most traffic for the site. 

4.    OptinMonster

Once a site is optimized, the next step is learning simple ways of increasing conversion rates on the site. OptinMonster is a WordPress plugin that helps with conversion rates by helping grow your email list and increase subscriber list. 

5.    Backup Buddy

So now you have optimized your website and have learned how to increase conversion rates through some of the best WordPress plugins available. However, one important aspect is backing up your site. Unfortunately, WordPress does not include a built-in backup. That’s where Backup Buddy comes in. In the event that something happens to your site, backup buddy helps protect your site by having a current backup. It’s one of the best WordPress plugins available that help protect your website.

We hope this article has helped you with an understanding of some of the best WordPress plugins currently available for your site. If you like this article, please be sure to check out some of our previous posts


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