Advances in Aerial Videography

During the last year or so advances in technology and aeronautics have helped bring in a whole new perspective for photographers and videographers.  Literally capturing a birds eye view, cameras keep getting smaller and smaller and thanks to the GoPro anyone can be a photographic “hero.” Drones are becoming the new “it” product to have as it captures a whole new perspective.

 Inflight Creations has had the opportunity to explore this new medium with the help of a new GoPro that shoots up to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, and an “art of flight” DJI Phantom 2 drone.  Having entered into the world of wedding videography our new toys add a new dimension that not many others have touched yet.  Obtaining a aerial view at a wedding could add for an effect that not many thought possible without spending a lot.  Not only does it fit our name but gives us the chance to open our creative minds even more.

We plan on exploring the full capabilities of this device to reach the limits of creativity. With several upcoming shoots this weekend, we hope to take our videos to the next level and provide that aerial view at all times.  We look forward to working with future clients who are willing to explore this new vision.

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