New Year, New Goals

With 2013 behind us, it’s time to start focusing on future goals. With one of those goals being able to create new marketing campaigns, we’ve decided to start our very own blog. This will be a way for us to share thoughts and show what the Inflight crew has been up to. We also think this is also a great way for us to build a better relationship with our clients and friends, as well as make new connections out there.

We also have great news to share with you all! The other day we have sealed the deal on a brand new office up in North Scottsdale, thanks to Software Ops (hard work really does pay off ☺). Software Ops has given us an opportunity to collaborate with them inside their building space. We think this mutual collaboration will benefit us both in the future. If you’re around the area, please be sure to stop on by and see us! Until then, God bless…

PS: We will share some pics of the new office soon!

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