Agate Inc.


Agate, Inc. is well known as a manufacturer of pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs), fabricated steel products, and structural steel components. We also offer retail sales of carbon steel products, steel erection services, all types of concrete construction, flightline canopies, and general contracting services. As a SDVOSB approved entity, Agate has a positive history of completing large projects on time and within budget.

Agate Concrete is one of the seven profit centers under the Agate, Inc. umbrella. We specialize in placing complex structural and slab-on-grade concrete on medium to large sized commercial, industrial and mine job sites within all 50-states, plus US territories.

All of Agate’s crews and representatives exhibit the highest industry standards of safety, workmanship, scheduling and professionalism in routinely completing our projects in time and within budget!


Agate Inc. came to us in 2014, looking for a team they could count on for marketing and print materials. Over the years we’ve development various marketing materials from brochures to photos on their website. In addition we also develop their annual newsletter that they send to 5,000 of their customers each year. Our relationship with AGATE inc. has been tremendous and we stand by them 110%.