Lectric Cycles


Lectric Cycles a manufacturer, distributor and retailer of electric bicycles, conversion kits and accessories located in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The team behind Lectric Cycles had an interesting, bold idea for their branding and website. They wanted something that would be approachable, fun, user-friendly, yet hint at the outdoors. It was important that the logo and branding be powerful and convey competency.

The large, vibrant images used on their site are trendy and inviting. It makes buying products feel streamlined and efficient.

Being that their target audience would primarily be first time electric bike owners, it was important to make the website as simple as possible.

They liked the idea of using some type of bold symbol as the company’s mascot, and after some research and iterations we settled on the lighting bolt, which is a powerful sign relating back to greek mythology. It’s reassurance to the consumer that you are buying a strong and powerful product that will last a long-time. The white, black and orange palette keep the company modern and bold.

The large, vibrant images used on their site are trendy and inviting; it’s an extensive website that is easy for elderly users, since most of their customer-base is 40+. Each product they offer meets any individual’s or company’s need, and signing up is streamlined and efficient to make an order in just a few clicks.

In continued efforts, we manage their online marketing through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click ads, social media and graphic design.