Norton Luxury Homes


In 2007, Bob Norton fell in love with the west. Arriving in St. George, Utah to run a marathon with his wife, Bob was impressed with the natural beauty and striking red rocks of Southern Utah. With experience building and renovating homes in Southeast Michigan since 2003, Bob decided to start Norton Development Company and Norton Luxury Homes with the purpose of building luxury “spec” homes or a homes without a specific buyer in Southern Utah.

Now in 2016, with dozens of spec homes completed and sold, Bob’s passion has moved further south to the luxury market of Paradise Valley and Scottsdale in the Metro Phoenix area.

Assembling a group of exceptional team members including designs, engineers and architects, Norton Luxury Homes has and is developing a niche of reaching the wants and desires of luxury home owners.

Norton Luxury focuses on developing and constructing luxury residential spec homes (Homes that are built without an owner). Bob Norton, principal member of Norton Luxury, puts a focus on views, exceptional design and high quality.


Bob Norton discovered our talents of drone videography. He came to us with an idea to create a timeline of the homes he was currently building around the Paradise Valley and Scottsdale area. Later that week, we took our drone and cameras to the sky and captured the homes constructions from start to finish. Each month we went out and filmed similar angles to show the development of the homes.

The end result, featured a dated time-lapse of the home where he could show potential clients the progress  and the projected timeframe it would take to get done. These videos will now help him grow his luxury home and real estate business in the Phoenix area and beyond.