New Business: Need a Website?

Need A New Website?

I’m starting a new business and need a website.

Here at INFLIGHT CREATIONS we are often approached by someone starting a new business. Often the phone call starts with them not quite sure what they need, and what they can afford. So we have decided to make it nice and simple.

For the last 8 weeks quietly tinkering away behind the scenes, we have had designers and web developers creating a set of packages designed purely for new start-ups. The exciting part is that all of this will be released may in 2014 and aims to make the whole process of starting a business easy when it comes to your online, and offline, marketing.

The most common requests are for

>> A Website

>> A logo

>> Business Stationery

This makes perfect sense. You have an idea, a concept, or a plan and to make that real these 3 simple items make it a reality. The problem starts when you approach people and start asking ‘How much?’

Of course you can go down the ready-made, stack-em high and sell-em cheap route. You know the companies I am talking about. Everything is either FREE or so cheap you wonder where the catch is. And there is always a catch. With these companies it is normally a quality issue.


Business cards for $15? Cheap card, dated layout, complete lack of identity. Website? These always start out as ‘Only pay $30 a month’ – Great plan that. You don’t get much for $30 these days so what quality is your online presence going to be? Will it work? Will it be optimized to stand the best chance of success in an already crowded market. No it wont I’m afraid. It will be a design that 498 other companies use, the text-generator will produce exactly the same text as those other 498 companies meaning you suffer at the hands of Googles Duplicate Content policy. The result there is your site is bombed, perceived as spam, never to show up. That probably wasn’t the idea you had when launching your brand new website.

Never mind that the impression these cheap options send out to your prospective customers. You’re cutting corners already and people can see it. What else are you cutting corners on?

I can see where this is going you know, now you’re going to talk us into spending lots of money right?

Far from it actually, what I’m showing you here is a way to save yourself 12 months of wondering why your new business isn’t taking off as planned. And showing you an alternative. You’re thinking that as I’m speaking from the Design Agency side of life that I’m now going to ask you to spend a shed-load of money for, essentially, the same products. Not at all.


Work it out like this. You pay $300 a month for a famous online website creator. In 12 months you’ve paid $3,600+ (I’ll ignore all the add-ons that cost more with these packages). If you like you can go and research them (they’ll add up to a lot, trust me) – In 2 years you’ve paid $7,200 and so on and so on. If you stay with that company for 5 years, and host your website with them you will pay $18,000 (plus the extras, don’t forget the extras) for a simple, unimaginative, repetitive, website that, unless your web-minded and understand what Google is looking for, will never achieve the rankings you want. And you’ll continue paying that amount every year. For ever. We build personal relationships with our clients and they stick with us. On that basis they would have paid over $18,000 in just a few years for a website that cost them about a third of that.

And that’s forgetting your Business Stationery and Logo…

Business Card for SolicitorYup, we forgot those didn’t we. How much will that cost on top of the website. Right now it’s beginning to seem too much hassle to do all of this as there is so much conflicting advice, everyone with a differing opinion.

So let’s get to the nitty gritty. A flat one-off fee. One Content Management Website, with a blog facility, plus a professional logo, and your business stationery, custom designed, and printed. And all in your hands within several weeks. And I will repeat, for one fee. In 2 weeks you are online, hosting and domain name included, with 250 double sided, laminated business cards, 1000 letter heads, and 1000 compliment slips and officially in business.

OK, let’s hear some more. I want figures.

It all starts with you picking up the phone or driving down to our office. No appointment is necessary. We love when new clients walk through our doors (we have snacks and drinks available for those that do!). We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships and guarantee that you will not be disappointed if you choose to reach out to us. We focus on delivering outcomes and will set you a base price that will beat anyone in the Phoenix Valley. You can then concentrate on setting up your business, we’ll take care of the rest.

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